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The urban jungle that we live in often makes us forget the natural beauty around us. As we get busy in our day to day lives, we realize how the absence of greenery and natural plants in our homes, offices and even on the busy streets, has an effect on our well-being. Suave Succulents is an endeavor to enter this urban jungle with our very own collection of succulents and fill up as much of the concrete spaces as we can, with our tiny green friends.

Pioneering the idea of succulent arrangements, Suave is one of the first succulent arrangement creators in Pune. With such myriad option of succulents which are bred, one can come up with a number of different arrangements, each completely unique. Suave is about finding this uniqueness in its creations and exploring all the possibilities of succulent arrangements.

Founded by Ms. Neelam Nohwar, Suave Succulents is the result of her love towards plants and the skill of creating masterpieces

Founder's Profile

At first glance, Neelam might seem just like your sweet, friendly neighborhood lady. She’ll greet you with the sweetest smile and talk to you with a mesmerizing charm. Turn the topic towards plants & succulents, and you’ll see the passion and enthusiasm rising in her voice. Very few might follow their dreams to an extent where it emanates in every small thing they do. Neelam’s ardent love for plants and her unique skill of artistic plant arrangements soon found her making beautiful collections of succulent arrangements for her friends and family. It was through this humble beginning, that Suave Succulents started taking shape. Coming from a modest family and being bought up in Jhansi, Neelam’s love for plants was nurtured at a very early stage in her life. With a huge garden encircling their home, her first thoughts of her childhood are about learning to plant various flower and fruit plants from her father. To pursue her hobby, she selected Botany as her majors in Graduation and completed her Masters from Jaipur University in Botany.

Fast forward a few years, as she settled in Pune, the concrete jungle made her feel something was amiss. Due to the lack of a huge garden space in her Pune home, Neelam converted her terrace into a succulent garden, with many arrangements of different flowers & plants. It is here, that she found her calling and soon, she found herself making masterpieces of succulent arrangements. Today, Neelam creates exclusive masterpieces for her clients to bring their emotions to life through her work and, in doing so, making the world that much more beautiful.

“I believe succulents are a symbol; a symbol of never-ending love, of relationships, of beauty. Each arrangement that we craft is something which uniquely belongs to that one person. Hundreds of plants come Together to take shape of an artist’s dream, just like a hundred emotions come together to make ‘life’. And this is exactly what I try to portray in each arrangement of Suave…”

Neelam Nohwar | Founder, Suave Succulents

Why are we trusted?

Suave Succulents has been a part of the green world, for some time now.  With our undying love for these green friends, we have managed to create our own place of resolute. Our succulents are crafted with a pinch of uniqueness and a handful of love. One by one we are successful in curating superior quality, and long-lasting quality of products for our beloved customers. Customization is one of our many fortes. The variety and diversity of green you witness is unmatched. With every purchase, we carve a smile on the faces of our customers, and for the sake of their love for our succulents, we have made subscription facility available. We are known for our beautiful foliage and peculiar arrangement.

These gems are an arrangement aesthetically designed by us with utmost purity of emotion and understanding of design. Just as you will find these designs rare, we also have some rare species of succulents available. Most importantly, our designs give lasting pleasure, reflecting your appreciation as well as your care for our environment. You can be spoiled for choice, just by glancing through these tiny, green friends of ours.

Succulents are plantastic! Many of the varieties are small and charming when you buy them, making them a perfect, impulse buy. They are a symbol of everlasting happiness. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy more succulents and that’s pretty much the same thing! Come, witness happiness in abundance, the Suave way.

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